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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I failed miserably

Today, I picked many, many sweet peppers and poblano peppers and I had such great plans for them. I was going to roast them and then can them; I love cooking with roasted sweet peppers. So I spent all afternoon roasting them on the grill till charred and then sweating them till cool in paper bags... http://canningusa.com/IfICanYouCan/PepperBellRed.htm . (Oh, I did NOT obey common sense when it told me not to pick up the paper bag-- all the peppers feel right out the bottom of the now wet paper bags.) Anyway, I then went to remove the skins which were supposed to "be very loose"... Yeah right. I apparently went beyond the roasting process and charred all the way through the meat of most of the peppers. There was no pepper left, just charcoal. I got a small bowl's worth of pepper, which I will can! This was/is so frustrating. I put this under the "more trouble than it's worth" category. Now I know why roasted red peppers are so expensive.

I can't even get my red and yellow peppers to turn color on the bush. So my sweet red and yellow peppers are green. And apparently I can't roast them any better than I can grow them. Hopefully, I can at least pressure can the ones I did not turn to charcoal.


  1. Wow. That sounds awful!!! You are such a good mommy, friend, baker and cook. I guess you just can't be good at EVERYTHING!!! =) Hope the next batch is AWESOME!!!!

  2. And you are a great friend! Only a friend overlooks all the shortcoming. I miss you so much.


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