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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The finish line

Last night in church, David expounded upon his sermon on death. He listed some of his observations on death and then we discussed some questions... some the same as on Sunday. His observation list was...

* Death is the loneliest thing you will ever do. Even though everyone does it someday, no one can ever tell you what to expect.

*Our understanding of death is based on observation not participation.

*Our natural inclination is to deny deaths reality.

*If we couple faith with death, death becomes a great thing.

In our discussions a few statements were made that got me a'thinkin (yes anon, I know that's not a word--poetic license). One of these statements was that we, as Christians, should be excited to die one day. I love this thought! I am excited to die or for the return whichever comes first-- to all those people that claimed Obama was going to be the anti-Christ, I said "bring it on". I can't wait to see my Savior's face. I have and will always teach my girls that death is not something to be afraid of. It is something that will happen and no one knows when, but God. They... well at least Ollie knows that after death comes Heaven if You are friends with Jesus. She understands as much as anyone on earth what Heaven will be like-- no tangles in your hair, no boo boos, no anger, no fear, no pain... She often tells me she is ready for Heaven now or asks me why she can't die now. At first this question was a little intimidating, but my answer made her happy. I just told her God did not have her princess room ready in His mansion and when it is ready, He will bring her home. She has come to thank God for Peanut's death that he is no longer in pain and she thanks God frequently for making him not hurt anymore. I think she has the right understanding of death. Once again it goes to show how we must become like little children.

The second thought that struck me as quite provocative was that death is the finish line. We are all to be running as if in a race towards this finish line. The man who said this added that in this world, Satan can attack us in every way possible, but we keep running and one day when we cross that line, he can no longer do anything to us. Isn't that awesome! Death is our goal (not in a morbid depressing way-- it should not be something someone chooses over life-- only God knows the timing of our death and we should anticipate it without fear or denial).Lord, help me teach my girls to run as hard as they can towards the finish line, never looking back or running from it in fear. Help me to teach them not to fear because what awaits them on the other side is exquisite.

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  1. can i just say to God- ditto. that's the attitude i want to convey to my boy. :)


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