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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chattering for Jesus!

Hubby came across an article given to us by (oops, correction) my Mamaw tonight called "A Pastors Perspective" and We loved it. I tried to find a link to the Newspaper it was published in, but there is no website for The Ocracoker that I can find. It was spectacular. We both were floored at its significance. Lord thank You for answering me in regards to keeping things going here. I got the message: Philippians 3:14 (I.C.B.) and John 15:16 (NRSV). I found these verses with corresponding articles saying that I bear fruit by spreading the Word of God and His message of hope. I am so grateful at how You speak to me. I pray that all the readers of this blog or those who just happen across it are blessed enough to hear You speak or are interested enough to learn to hear You.

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  1. How awsome. Your Mamaw a pastor.
    Tammy Faye


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