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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chaos = my life at the moment...

This is the ever waited for weekend of the International Festival in our town where some 25,000 people usually attend. I typically, as I am this year, send my children to my mother's house for safe keeping and I work at the cafe basically non-stop during the waking hours. I love this job. I got my request and get to be front line in dealing with the people. I will work the cash register-- woo hoo right? So what is so cool about that? It is long hours, with next to no breaks, on my feet with little to no movement (very bad for degenerative disc disease, but I do have a TENS unit I will use)... anyway, the people who come from all over the world to this festival are so awesome-- I can't wait to blog about them next week. At first glance many seem eccentric (what is wrong with that????), but I have had the pleasure of seeing just how people with something in common can come together as strangers and be a "people". They are strangers that have known each other for years. (This is the only way I know how to explain.) I have had customers many times do things for each other like, give the stranger in front of the the exact change so they do not have to break a $50, offer to share a table with a group behind them to "save space" in a very crowded restaurant, pay for a stranger in line behind them, exchange addresses and phone numbers... I witness what is possible with humanity. How, when there is a commonality, people come together and are unified. I have never heard them argue over whose favorites are better (I am being somewhat illusive trying not to give away where I live-- and the exact type of festival would blow my cover), where they should go first, whether this years feature artists were as good as last... Unity. I get to be a part of this (I may not have the same interests as they do, but I have a shared part in feeding them. So, as I take their orders and subsequently their money, I get to share with them my smile and I guess a piece of myself. I have been doing this every year for the past 7 years and I actually have many, many repeat customers that I remember and who strangely enough remember me. Two of these years I worked I was FAT pregnant and so many people ask me about my children just from the memory of me trying to reach the cash register from the distance of my belly. I am so looking forward to this weekend. I hope that in sharing a piece of myself I will impart a little of what makes me who I am. I hope that through my service they will see Christ (for it is He who I serve).

Besides the long hours at the cafe, I have two cakes I am working on. At the moment I have one of them in the oven. Oh, and I got two more orders tonight for cakes over the holidays-- I was told I need business cards (whoa... whoa). This is a little over the top for me. I have been told for a long time to actually go into business, but, oh, this is a scary thought. Anyway, I am so blessed by my Lord to have the opportunities I have. He gives me what I need, whether it is my super awesome, flexible employer who works with me in my harried life and allows me to be part-part time and basically choose my own schedule (who does that?), or a job making a cake (He gives me this skill-- I am not qualified to sell cakes, I have pretty much NO training). Well, Thank You Lord for being my Jehovah Jireh-- my Lord who provides!

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  1. That is awesome! I TOLD you long ago you needed to do that. ;)


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