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Sunday, September 20, 2009

God is Home

Home is where the heart is... Our home is at 413 DC Road and we love it. Home is certainly a place where you can take your shoes off and no one cares if your feet stink. :)

We often use the term home in different ways. For example we went home to my parents house this weekend, and we went home to our church we first attended together as a couple and the one I grew up in. Then we came home to have a Sunday evening picnic in our home church. An even more final and rewarding homecoming would be my sister's grandmother waiting to go home to Jesus any day now...

Where our home is also changes as we follow God's plan. Another sister has a sign that I love on her front porch-- "Home is where the Army sends us."

No matter where I am, I love the thought of "going home". It brings to mind people who love me for who I am, and accept me "warts and all". Home is a place full of memories, sometimes not all good, but usually so much more good than bad. Home is a place of contentment, joy, relaxation, friendliness, LOVE... I just love the idea of being home or going home.

While we were at our old home church this weekend, I talked to a lot of old friends whom I have mostly lost contact with. Although, I missed my precious Hila who is like a grandmother to me, I did run into a young girl (well, now a very bright and lovely woman) whom I used to take care of as a little girl. She is married now and it sounds as if she has an exciting job (and she was home schooled). I have another old friend whose wife is scheduled to have a C-section on Thursday to have their second baby. Another "little boy" who used to hang out with my baby brother and pester me (during my Michael Jackson phase - quite young) is expecting his first baby in a few months...

These stories are just proof of how fast time goes by and how home changes. You turn your eyes around for a second and years have flown by. There seems to be very little that is constant and absolute in this world, even where the forever loved home is concerned. Things are always changing, everyone sees things differently, there seems to be nothing that will absolutely be the same for me today as it was 20 years ago (certainly not my hips:D )... EXCEPT there is one absolute. Jesus and His love for me. His passion for me will never change. His homecoming/reunion party He has in store has been planned since before time was created. God's pursuit of me-- to bring me Home, has been going on since the day He breathed life into Adam. Home may be ever changing, but my destination Home is going to forever be the same. I can rest assured that in times when life seems to be flying by at break neck speeds, children growing way to fast, self seems to be aging by the minute... God's presence in my life is still just as strong as it was on the day He planned me.

So, I go back to what all would agree to be a constant in the idea of home... "Home is where the heart is", or home equals love. Well the Bible says God is Love. So if home is love and God is love then God must be Home! I just sit and wrap my mind around that and feel so warm and full of joy. God is Home. I went back and read the first four or so paragraphs and inserted "God" or "to God" or "with God" into every place I have written home. Wow!

I just really intended on bragging about my friends whom I got to see this weekend, but somehow God took me on a little different journey here.

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  1. That is good stuff. Is gives me great joy to know that where ever we go as an Army family God will be at the center to make us warm and cozzzzzy. Even if we are apart we feel at peace because we know that God is in control of our lives and is doing everything for a reason, we may not know it at the time but it soon makes sence.


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