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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jumping in the deep end; can't wait to see if I can swim!

OK, so it is simply a metaphor, I certainly know how to swim. I have just joined AHG, (American Heritage Girls) as a Unit leader. Ollie is joining as a Pathfinder and will be in my unit. I am so excited to get started. Our first meeting is next week. The reason I used the aforementioned metaphor is that when I agreed to be a unit leader all I knew was the premise-- that it was a Christian based scouting program. I have never been involved in scouting before. No, I was never a brownie (love to eat them, but that doesn't count). After our training meeting tonight, I realize this ministry is going to require a lot of time and involvement (both of which I have available and have been waiting for the Lord to show me my place.) I feel like all of a sudden the Lord is opening up floodgates of time in my life. It seems that just a few days ago, I felt as if I did not have time to get everything I needed done in a day (between school, cooking-cooking-cooking, cleaning, momming [not a word I know anon, but I like it], my own study, exercising...). All of a sudden I am shown light at the end of my tunnel vision.

I am embarking on a new method of cooking (the once a month kind and freezing 30 meals + breakfasts in one day) and can't wait to see how much time I save.

I am also toying with the idea of doing away with everyday nap time. My Turkey is nearly 3 and is no longer sleeping at this time and really is not even resting. The only thing I lose here is my 2 hours of free time (which I usually use for my own quiet time and study-- I really only need 45 minutes or so to do my Bible study.)

So now I am thinking that there will be more room to take the family out to the track in the evenings before supper- because I will not have to cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds great! Let me know how the meal thing works out. Sounds interesting. I hated doing away with naps but when I did....man it BLEW me away! i LOVE not having the day centered around a two hour segment!

  2. Kristan, I started my new Bible study today (BM) Living Beyond Yourself. It is great and we talked today about stepping out and letting the Holy Spirit live in you. That we should not do the things that are easy for "us" to do, but do the things that are only possible with the Holy Spirit. That with the HS we have a great power and He can do mighty things. Also that as He changes our lives as we grow in Him as a long term goal He can change our day Today. He can give us a new attitude and a new outlook for today. Not to just get stuck doing what you always do from day to day. Like I do. It was just a good reminder.
    Love Rachel


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