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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My new cooking venture...

I am soooooo excited about starting this new project. I have bought some extra Pyrex bake ware so that I will have enough dishes to freeze meals in and then bake when it is time. I have tons of Tupperware microwave dishes coming Sunday. I intend on doing my shopping Tuesday and cooking all day next Wednesday. Hubby is off and so he will teach and take care of the girls while I embark on this adventure. I have already planned my meals (minus a little fine tuning) and grocery list. I will keep a separate blog for anyone interested in my progress. I will list the grocery list and bill, list of the foods I am cooking... The new blog will be listed under my blog list. I will post the recipes that do not freeze well and those that do. I hope this will be a tool for me (too help recall ideas and lists to prevent less work in the future) and anyone who might like to try this idea themselves.


  1. i'm interested- if it works out well, i may have to try it. even though a menu for a week seems to stretch my food-planning abilities!

  2. How did your cooking adventure go on Wednesday? Please let us know how it all worked out.

  3. http://kristan-onceamonthcooking.blogspot.com/ I started a blog just on this-- to keep up with menus ideas and cooking ideas... I started Sat. instead and I haven't cooked since then. It is awesome! I could not wait. I am a believer in the project.


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