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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something stinks...

I have a funny and gruesome story. Last week sometime, my mom and I (and the girls) had come in the house after being gone for the morning and smelled this awful smell. I was mortified. One of my biggest fears is having a stinky house that my nose has gotten used to and everyone else smells it when they come in. This day it was horrendous. I immediately went to sniff the garbage can to see if something in there had started stinking, but that wasn't it. I sniffed all over my house until my nose was numb, sore and I no longer could smell anything. THEN... I opened my basement door. Whoa! It about knocked me down. It was coming from the basement. Now, we had just recently cleaned the basement and even bleached the floors, so I couldn't imagine what it could be. The only thing different in the past couple of days was this new/old pressure washer Hubby got and had been working on for a few days. That had to be it. I went down there and was sniffing around and came to no other conclusion. I sprayed air freshener like mad. So my house now smell like funk with perfume. Not pleasant. For 2 days I looked through the basement, sniffing and Hubby did too. It was not his pressure washer. By this point we concluded the ever worsening stink was something dead. I racked my brain for what could have gotten in the basement and died. I sometimes leave the garage door opened while I mow the yard, but what could have come in? I really began to doubt my worth as a house wife; I can't even keep my house from having dead things in it. Who does that and can be called a good housewife? I felt like one of those parents you read about in the papers whose children are taken away because of unsanitary living conditions. I called my mom who had gone home a few days prior and told her we still had not found what died. I asked her if maybe a bird could have gotten in and died. She said she didn't know, but she would pray that I found it soon. So, I got off the phone and proceeded to spray air freshener again all over upstairs and down. When I got down the steps I noticed the odor was very strong at the bottom of the steps. I started sniffing and moving things. THEN, I moved a chair... Oh, yuck! There lay a bag of what was a week ago frozen chicken. Hubby had graciously organized our freezer and oops, forgotten a bag of chicken. So I picked it up and threw it in the garbage can outside, then poured a huge puddle of bleach in it's stead. Shew. I was so relieved. It wasn't my lack of being a good housewife, just an oversight with foul results. Now our garbage can smells really bad, as does the whole area around it. I can't wait till tomorrow when the garbage man comes. I will be bleaching our can-- Thank You Lord for bleach.

Hubby asked me such a funny thing after all this. He asked me why I didn't just sit the "dead chicken" out side for him to bury it instead of throwing it in the can. Hmmmm. I wonder why? Although a burial is what that foul smelling fowl needed...


  1. Are you having to write about rotten chickens now? A lot of words for such a simple subject.

  2. Yeah well... OK?? It was just a story, and usually stories have to have words to make them entertaining. If you weren't entertained, I'm sorry.

  3. i was entertained- and grateful it wasn't me! :) hey anon, if you're NOT entertained, blessed, uplifted, encouraged, enlightened, or otherwise positively impacted by this blog....why do you take the time to read and comment? is your life so empty that you have nothing better to do than criticize kristan and her stories?

  4. Tana
    You must be one hot chick. . . not the one that got away. Have you ever heard of capitalization?

  5. does it really matter? capitalization on MY blog is optional!

  6. tana i am so entertained that i sent this blog address to all of my e-mail contacts.


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