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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Starting the day off right

This morning Hubby was home for a little while because he had a later shift at work. The Turkey brought in the Bible and asked him to read to us. She would randomly choose a page and he would read. It is amazing what she chose and how God used her to speak to us this morning. Some of the passages included a Proverb about helping or keeping a promise to your neighbor even if it hurts and you will not be destroyed, the story about Paul's shipwreck, honoring and respecting the government who has been given the power to rule us by God Himself and how if God is for us who can be against us. He also read in Romans about accepting people into your group whose faith is weak. Anyhow, God spoke to me and my Hubby as he read what Turkey pointed out.

After last night’s post, I have experienced at least three things from God. We received a gift of money, a reminder that our problems are not more than we can handle and were shown to have concern for others in their problems as opposed to our own (a dear friend told me last night they are about to be without a job and no prospects as of yet), and this morning the Word of God brought to us by my Turkey's insistence. How awesome is God when you ask and expect to really hear from Him! I believe this is only the beginning of how He is going to provide.

So in a few words, we started the day off right. I think that-- no, I know that we should start the day off like this more often (like, everyday). It would be such a great thing to become a habit. After breakfast, we should just read the Word of God together as a family (at least the part of the family that is at breakfast). Lord, help me make this a priority. My priorities get all jumbled when I look at the house and my calendar and my to-do list. Once again give me Your eyes to see Your priorities and not my own.

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