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Thursday, October 15, 2009

We return.

Well, we return. We had such an amazing time in Williamsburg. We visited Williamsburg and Jamestown, went fishing, fossil hunting, riding, a trip to the auction block (Oh, so awesome are the treasures I found!!) we even had a exciting and torturous trip to the ER. Yes, the turkey after being told too many times to count to quit pestering Oreo (my uncles dog) got bit in the face. 2 stitches in her nostril--ugh.

It is amazing how much history is left lying all over this area, completely uncared for and seemingly an inconvenience for building and contemporary life. You wouldn't believe the fossils we picked up just walking down the James River. The biggest fossil finding site (where my uncle's finds have filled two curios full -- artifacts and fossils) has just recently had huge condos built on it. There are old human bones out there along the river (which he has reported) and no one cares. (He said there was an old cemetery that was washed into the river a long time ago.)

The turkey made friends with chickens, dogs (even though she was bitten it did not deter her), fish, crabs, shrimp, horses, bugs...

Ollie caught 15 fish and almost caught a crab with her pole. She got 2 porcelain dolls for her collection.

They both went swimming, in their clothes I might add, in the James River, went riding on my cousins horse... just had a ball. Ollie told me that she loved the trip to Williamsburg.


  1. sounds like a fabulous trip- except the er part, but hopefully she learned a valuable lesson from it (i don't mean to sound harsh. i'm sorry she got hurt, i just dont blame a pet when it runs out of longsuffering after a while). i'm glad y'all had an awesome time.


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