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Sunday, October 18, 2009

So tired...

I think the crazy chaos that started about 2 weeks ago is pretty much over as of this afternoon (although now I do have 10 days worth of Bible study to make up). My mom and hubby both told me that I packed an awful lot of stuff into a 2 week period of Fall Break and that I may have planned too much. Well, it wasn't too much, for I accomplished everything to my best, but now I am drained. I do have to finish my Bible study and plan for AHG meeting tomorrow, but other than that and clean my disastrous house and get back to school...I just really would like a nap, but I am now remembering I have to go and give blood this afternoon. I really am becoming an admirer of those people who can live with such a full schedule all the time, or maybe I just feel sorry for them??? I am glad for the 16 hour job yesterday in North Carolina. (I just fell asleep at the key board trying to read what I wrote, so...) I am going to take a nap and hope for time later.


  1. What is an AHG meeting?

  2. What is an AHG meeting?

  3. http://chaosunraveling.blogspot.com/2009/09/jumping-in-deep-end-cant-wait-to-see-if.html


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