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Friday, November 6, 2009


November is here and with it comes the thrill of the Holiday Season. At least for me it does. I so love it! I decorated our house on the 1st (at least this year I waited till November--last year it was before Halloween). I have the pleasure of hearing the girls ooh and ahh over the tree for 2 months! I can't wait till the presents get put underneath to hear what they say. I am already planning my Thanksgiving menu. I am going to miss our trek to Huntsville to visit Hubby's dad's family, but the trip is just entirely too far for a one day venture. This year, I am going to have 6 people besides us here for Turkey Day dinner. My friend and her family are coming. I am so blessed to have such good friends as well as a wonderful family (from both sides).

I am sitting here by the light of my Christmas tree, lonely because Hubby is working 3rd shift-- I can't sleep alone anymore. I love how my Christmas tree makes me feel all cozy and warm inside. I'll share mine with you; undoubtedly, I am the first person in the US to put the tree up! The mall is decorating tonight.

My poor Ollie has the flu. She had to rest after each ornament she put on the tree.


  1. Them christmas lights cost money. Gotta save somewhere.

  2. Actually we have hand-me-down lights from our very first Christmas. Our icicle lights are hand me down from last year-- my aunt bought them and used them for a while then stopped using them because (well, who cares). Our ornaments are all either hand me downs, gifts, collected from our childhood... The wreathes were once out of style home interior type wreathes that my neighbor gave me when she couldn't sell them at our garage sale and I took them, put cheap dollar store ribbon and our ornaments on them. The only thing we actually buy at Christmas generally (besides presents-- which I bought all at garage sales already and have tons and spent less than $15 for each child) is our live tree for the kitchen. We have already decided that our one fake tree (which we got on clearance about 8 years ago) will be sufficient. My hubby used to be an electrician so he is good at fixing lights (which is what he was doing in that photo) when they break! So really Christmas can be fun, without spending a fortune-- esp. if you are not afraid to take other peoples junk and make it good again.

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  4. Oh yeah, and there is a place in town that periodically gets rid of their decor... if you have connections then free decorations. You just have to be crafty or skilled enough to fix them! Perky perks!

  5. So the x-mas tree keeps you warm and cozy? Why don't you just sleep with that tree while hubby works. Crafty you are!

  6. Not keeps but makes me feel... however put, that would be awfully uncomfortable and my hubby might get the wrong idea. :)I vowed to stay faithful to him this goes for trees too. OK so that was a bad joke-- it is late and it was a strange comment that deserved a strange answer. SMILES TO YA!


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