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Friday, November 6, 2009

Funny answers

Today the girls and I were playing a Bible trivia type game that they got as a trick or treat surprise from our neighbor. We came to a question that was for the Turkey. It read, "Who built the ark?" Her responses were funny. The first answer she gave was God. Then I asked her who God told to build the ark. She answered, "Noseseph." How is that for covering all bases? If it isn't Noah, Moses or Joseph then I just don't know who did it?
There was another question which Ollie had to answer and it was about Peter walking on the water. She had never heard the story so I told her about it. She said it was like Peter was "bapitized" (bap- i- tized) because he went under water and Jesus pulled him up.

I guess she is kind of right, when we are baptized we go under the water symbolizing our death to ourselves and Jesus pulls us up to Himself. Peter was heading toward Christ, but his own fears and worries got in the way. As he went under the water he cried out for Jesus to save him. And Jesus pulled him out of the water and saved him. Isn't she right then? Isn't that what we are doing in essence when we are baptized (or should I say bapitized)? We are calling out for Jesus to save us? As we emerge from the water we are a new creation, clothed with Christ and dead to ourselves. Just a word from my wise 5 year old.

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