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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 15

Yes, I realize it is almost day 16, at least I have an hour left in this day. I went to bed last night at 7:30pm. Ollie had violin workshop all day then a birthday party that evening. Today, I have been going strong all day long. I must say God gave me rest yesterday and therefore I am very thankful to have actually gone to bed early instead of staying up and writing. I usually do my writing in the evening after the girls have gone to bed and then schedule them to post the next morning (so, I try). I am so bad about not resting like I am supposed to. God gave us rest for a reason, but I always push myself and refuse or even feel guilty when I do rest. Like last Sunday, when I actually did rest all day, my Monday seemed to hold twice as much work. This has to be an illusion or delusion??? I have a friend who is Seventh Day Adventist and she is faithful to her restful Sabbath. She does not work from sun down on Friday to sundown on Saturday. She is a very successful and happy woman. She doesn't seem to play catch up on Sunday or Monday. I on the other hand look at even my sleeping hours at night with the theory that I have 8 or 9 hours of unused time. If someone (Hubby) tells me I am doing too much, I always think well there are still 8 hours I have not filled. If I have to I can work through the night. I am a "night owl" anyhow. I hate early mornings.

I really feel that God is putting this in my heart for my own good as I begin my business. I think He wants me to get it into my thick head the importance of rest and not over booking myself. I have heard this from other people too this week. My friends mom told me (as I was in a frantic state of mind chasing my escapee dog around the parking lot as my 2 year old was puking and my Hubby was on the speaker phone and I was hollering at the dog, the phone and the kids...), "next time don't bite off more than you can chew". I just looked at her and told her this is my life. I am the master at swallowing big unchewed bites, but I think I almost choked about then.

I must be thankful and start training myself to think of rest as a gift and not a hindrance. I see my girls fighting rest in hopes not to miss something. I do the same thing and God has to be thinking the same thing as I do about my girls. "They would be so much happier if they would just sit still and take a break." So would I.

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