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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 16

I have been working on 2 or my 3 cake orders for this week today and yesterday. I am right at being done with the harder of the two and have made the icing for the third. I am thankful today for a husband who is in full support of my work and he considers it important enough to occupy the girls for both days. [Today, he took them fishing. I really hope they catch some trout-- I do so miss the Crosseyed Cricket's trout (fish farm where we used to live and work) for 2 reasons. 1= YUM! 2= anatomy of a fish lesson for the girls!] I am going to post the photos of the two cakes I made today for a lady celebrating her parents 40th anniversary. It is something special to be able to celebrate this longevity of a marriage. It seems people hardly make it this long any more. I am thankful that there are still marriages (like my parents) out there that are modeled after God's design. Ones that last until death do us part. I hope to one day celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary-- I think the average life expectancy is reaching 80, so I have a really good chance at reaching this goal. I would only be 64 years old, but Hubby would be nearing 80. We have the marriage that will last as long as God keeps us alive and kicking. His plan for us will be one for us together-- No Doubt! So I am thankful for all of those couples who take marriage seriously enough to commit to love each other as a verb. To do this and promise to do this no matter what. In our culture it seems as if there are so many outs for a marriage. It was not meant to be this way. I am thankful for the people who fulfill their vows and stand up for one another even in the bad times, the poor times, the sick times, the really HARD times. I think that these marriages and the celebration of these marriages is so important for our kids. To see that marriage and longevity in marriage is possible and is a WONDERFUL thing worth celebrating!

These cakes will have each a dozen truffles around them, the cake topper seen in the photo and rust colored gerbera daisies on top and on the front. Similar to the pink and brown one from this post.


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