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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 18

I am down to the last two days of my list. Tomorrow is Turkey Day. I am very thankful for the fact that I get to use my new china!! OK so I realize this is not all that big of a deal, but it will be the first time. You see when we were in Williamsburg, my uncle and I went to an antique auction he bought me this 90 piece set of Theodore Havilland china from France. It is Bee yoo tee full! It is my first real china too! When we registered for our wedding we did not register for china. Neither of us was really interested. Now I am totally interested and to get a whole set for less than the large serving platter is worth, well I think it was a good deal! Anyhow, I am excited that I get to use it and will make use of it regularly.

I once heard someone tell me a story about their mother's good towels. She had these fancy towels but kept them in the closet and never brought them out. She kept them for special occasions. Then, when they were going through her things after her funeral those guest towels were still in the closet, but they had turned dingy and had dry rotted. Sad that we put our cherished possessions in the closet and never deem the time right to use them. I think there are some spiritual implications here, but I will let you think on that as I do whilst I prepare my feast.

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