"If you don't see the real me, you won't see what love has won..." Vota

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving finale.

El Shaddi, my God, You are more than enough. My Precious and Gracious Living Father, I am humble before you in a moment of perfect gratitude. Total uninhibited devotion to the Provider, the Teacher, the Healer, the Friend, the Father, the Lord my Jehovah, the Caretaker, the One True God, the Master, the God of Righteousness, the God of Sanctification, the Banner of Victory, Elohim my Creator, I am Yours and You are mine, my Ever Present Lord... Name above all names. You give me everything I need and more. You hear my prayers and answer them; You know my heart and fill it so my cup overflows. Lord help me to overflow for Your glory, so that all will see You as your pour Your light from the cracks of my soul. Let my lamp burn never ceasing, declaring Your greatness and Holiness. Forbid me to hide Your light, but instead make me a lamp stand where all can see by Your constant burning. Here I am, use me, take me and mold me to be an instrument for Your purposes. Show me Your perfect ways and help me to choose the path You have lain out before me. Guide me into all righteousness and fill me with Your peace. Grant me favor in the eyes of those to whom You may send me  and make my witness useful to Your Kingdom. Circumcise my heart and cleanse it from all impurity. Quickly, purify my heart for I know it is not a holy dwelling place for You. You are the basin, wash away my iniquity. Fill my cleansed heart with Your Holy Spirit and I will be so near to You.
Lord, I am so thankful for Your devotion to me, your daughter. You give me everything a father wants to give his daughter. You never ignore me, get annoyed with me, shshh me, threaten me, hurt me, disappoint me, break Your promises to me... as a human father (or me as a mother) might do in human weakness. You love me enough to listen to every whine and complaint and nag and concern and tear... You see my tears and even hear them as they fall. You never get bothered with me calling Your name for help. You love me. LOVE. Pure, perfect, agape love is what You are and what You shower over me, the kind of love that is never shaken. You could never stop loving me and You will never break Your promises. On a day such as this when my heart overflows with Your goodness, when all I can do is Praise You in my own inadequate way-- You listen and sing with me. You fill me with Your Spirit and a song (1 Corinthians 14:16). I will ever praise You and Your Holy Name. Your names are like the stars in the sky, not one alone is adequate.

I am in awe of You and all You do. Your perfect plan is all I desire. You are all I need. You gave me life and You made me who I am and You want me in Your presence. You are all I need. I love You and I am so thankful that You love me. You are God You don't have to love me, but You choose to. All that I am, is filthy compared to You purity. I am darkness but Your light overcomes that. I will acknowledge You in every way. I will sing Your praises to everyone. I will give You glory for all You have done for me. I will give You glory for all You have not done for me-- there are many unanswered prayers that I am so thankful for. I will give You glory on rainy days and sunny ones. God, my Jehovah, I love You and I can't even express my gratitude to You in a way You deserve. I can't outshine the sun; I can't fill the oceans like the rain; I can't bridge across the sky like a rainbow; I can't outreach a mountain, I can't soar like the eagles; I can't sing like the wind; my words will never drip like honey; I am nothing and You are everything-- how can nothing describe everything? Nothing has no concept of being everything. Only the Holy Spirit can sing a song worthy of You because only the Holy Spirit has seen Your face. Oh, how I long to see Your face. How I long for one new song to sing Your praises. Thank You Lord for loving this nothing and filling my nothing with Your Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit sing Your accolades, for my praise is not enough. May the words drip off my soul with such sweetness, a sweetness only You can taste. May the praises of my heart be a fragrance of pure devotion and thankfulness set apart for You only. May my spirit play a symphony of music all for You alone to hear. May what You see of me be pleasing illustrations to match the beautiful story You have written for my life.

This is my offering of Thanksgiving to You tonight. May You find them pleasing and sincere.

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