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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 4

I have so many things today to be thankful for. Today is my anniversary-- #9. Today is also a day we take time to remember the cost of our freedom. It is very expensive. Today also I reach number 4 on my list. These three things fit somewhat together. I have blogged in the past about all of my siblings-- my 5 sisters (by blood or marriage) and my 4 brothers (once again by blood or marriage). So today I am thankful for my siblings. These are the people whom I love so much, and I am blessed with so many. One of my brothers is a Captain in the US Army. So I am super appreciative for him today (well not just today). He has been in Iraq twice. He is such a special man. When a 5 year old notices it-- it must be true. She was at AHG the other night and was making cards for veterans’ and made sure to make one for her Uncle and his friend. She was determined he would get one of her cards. That night she prayed out loud in front of the group for her uncle. It was cute. She prayed that God would keep him safe in Iraq and bring him home soon. He has been back since Feb, so I told her he was already back and that we should pray that he didn't have to go back. To this she looked at me with concern, seriousness, honesty... and said, "But mama, if he is not over there how is he going to protect us? How will we stay safe from our enemies?" How about that for a 5 year old child's hero? I bet he has no idea the role he has taken in her mind. He is her hero-- the one protecting her from the enemy. Cute huh? Thanks brother M for all you do and have done and are willing to do to keep us safe from our enemies! No greater love is there than a man willing to lay down his life for a friend or stranger.

I am thankful for ALL my siblings-- God given friends with whom it is hard to lose touch (well they are always around at family gatherings and if not someone is bound to have stories and pictures). They are friends with whom we have and will always one thing in common-- God put us together. He didn't care about our differences in personality, temptations, temperament, goals, philosophies, priorities... He put us together because it was His plan. His plan is for us to prosper. His plan is a plan that will not be thwarted. The plan determined for the whole world. A plan He promises to reveal to His servants, a plan that man alone will not understand. It is a plan that we are chosen and predestined to be a part of, and plans that will stand firm forever, plans that prevail over man's plans. They are plans to give us hope and a future. You may recognize these. All of this is from the Bible. So often I take for granted my siblings and their role in my life. I did not seek them, and maybe for some of us, age, personality or whatever, may have kept us from becoming friends. But every one of my siblings was put into my life for a purpose—a divine plan. So what if we fight-- a bad fight? Can I write them off? What if my brother threatens my life, steals from me, dupes me, hates me? What are His plans in this case?

Jacob's story fits this question. He and his twin brother Esau had all the reason to hate each other. Neither of them treated each other like God desired. Lives were threatened and torn apart. After years of separation, God instructed Jacob to go home. At one point Jacob wrestles with God and man, the Bible says Jacob prevails. Here I believe it is talking about his desires/plans vs. God's plans (in an actual physical struggle-- and we think we have a hard time. How many times have our problems physically taken form and wrestle with us). He was fearful for his life. He offered a huge gift to his brother. I imagine his internal struggle was whether to turn and run away on his own path or stand firm and follow God's path. He stood firm because he remembered God's promise to make him prosperous if he returned to his homeland.

If you do a study of plans versus God's plans using the Bible, you find one predominant thing about each. God's plans prevail and are perfect and good and righteous. Man's plans are squashed by God! So for those of us who have made plans against God's plans... we better watch our path. We are crossing the Lord of plans. Do I think my plan is justified and right even though it is contrary to God's plan. I better put on some boxing gloves and protective gear and take my stance. I'm picking a fight with God. I wonder if I might be the first one to succeed at a TKO with God? Sounds absurd but this is what rationalizing our plans against God's plans for us is like. A low down dirty fight with God Almighty.

So in ode to my precious siblings whom I am sure we will all have our differences in one way or another, some more drastic than others… I will write something brief about how you are vital in my life.

TNT- you’re one of my biggest fans and advocates, always have been (even tried to save me from an ice storm)
RTB- you keep me accountable, you’re my go to when I need a sister in Christ as well as a sister by blood.
MB- you teach me a lot and I respect you and you’re my daughters hero!
WLT- you are always a great conversation and friend and support, an open door when I’m lonely
BL- you always made me laugh in high school, and I'm glad you're my brother now- I'll make cam a cake every year if you like
LSL- offered to watch my girls so we could go on a date at the last minute last night. she is precious and a giving type of person
MAB- you are always honest and admirable, just like a true sister (you knew before I did that we’d be sisters)
DB- you make me smile, just thinking about you! My big brother!
CAM- you welcomed me into the family right away. You have always been so kind to me. You are the person I text message the most! I love you! You may be last in my line-up here, but certainly far from last in my heart.

This is only very briefly what comes to mind about my siblings. I could write books! I love you all!

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  1. jacob was exactly who i needed to be reminded of today. i have a friend who has put on those gloves and gear and taken a fighting stance. i've been wondering how to put it into a picture to try to show how futile it is.


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