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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 5

This post is #5, but it could have easily made it to number 4. It is like when 2 people win 1st prize at a fair because they both were equally as good. Anyhow, I am going to make this brief (as brief as my babble can get that is... I have the flu and am soooo tired; ALTHOUGH, I have laryngitis so this is an easy way for me to talk. I have really worn myself out whispering for two days.)

My parents are who I am thankful for today. I am thankful for a mother and a father who love Jesus and each other. They celebrated 36 (I think) [I was wrong, 37 years!] years of marriage this past June. They are such a good example for how a marriage is supposed to be. I am grateful that I was never a child of divorce, never had to deal with having 2 sets of parents. I never had to say by to my daddy so I could go home to my mamma. I was so blessed to be raised by both of them at the same time and in the same house. Thanks mamma and daddy for never considering the easy way out (expensive but easy). Thanks for being a one, and for taking your vows seriously. Thanks for teaching us kids the importance of a Godly marriage. Thanks for taking care of us kids even when it was difficult-- I now know how difficult it is to take responsibility for other lives. Thanks for staying at home with us mamma even though it would have been easier to have had a second income. Thanks for caring enough about us kids to be involved in our school (even when at the time it was a little embarrassing, and I'm sure my "smart mouth" told you so.) Thanks dad for working so hard to support us and for all those times (I can't remember how many, but it seems like a lot to a kids whose daddy it out of town) you took jobs with the union or whatever when you were laid off from work. I now know how difficult it must have been for you to go out of town to work and leave your wife and kids at home. We missed you and I'm sure you missed us. Thanks for giving me an example of what it is like to have a heavenly Father looking out for me. If it weren't for your concern and interest in my life, I would not have an earthly example of how my God is interested and wants to be a part of all of my decisions.

I am very sincere in saying these things and am in tears. I love you both and I know you are two of my faithful readers.


  1. that's beautiful. i hope at least one of them follows your blog.

  2. We're having Thanksgiving dinner at your hubby's mother's house on Saturday after Thanksviging. Hope to see you all there.

  3. EP- Thanks for the invite, Hubby has to work that weekend. If he thinks it is ok the girls and I may come alone. (He usually doesn't like me to travel for to far alone-- with my girls we make a hundred stops; they are horrible travelers.) He is supposed to be asking about his pto for the rest of the year today. He may have to carry it over to the first of next year. He has been meaning to for over a month now, but once Fall gets here they are so busy with Christmas and Magical Night of Giving that he does nothing else but those things.

    If he can't get off before Jan, we are going to come over New Years (I hope).


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