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Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 6

This post could easily fit as number two for one HUGE reason. If it weren't for these people, my number 2 wouldn't exist (and God of course). Today I will formally put into words my appreciation for my Hubby's parents. I will start with his mother. First off, she never questioned him dating me, marrying me or having children with me. So many women I know have horrible mother in laws. Mine is not my mother in law. From the day we become husband and wife she has been mom. FYI- The word mother in law in archaic definition was actually stepmother. Anyway this woman raised a God fearing gentleman. She taught him to respect her, and love Jesus. She sacrificed as my mother did to be a stay at home mom. She had all of the same experiences as I do with children bouncing off the wall and never being quiet (so I have been told). My children are their daddy made over. I often joke with him about how his mother had to deal with him and I am being "punished" for what he did to her-- being wild and hyperactive. (Anons- this is a joke!) Anyway she made a man out of her little boy and handed him happily over to me. (Oh yeah, and she made our wedding cake and let me tell you what-- it was PERFECT, DELICIOUS... DEVOURED by our guests. I could never measure up to her cooking skills, but that's beside the point.) Mom, I know you don't read this, but I love you.

Now comes the hard part of this post. I never met Hubby's father. I wouldn't presume to know how wonderful he was. I wouldn't want to dishonor him in anyway. I only know what I have heard and what I know about my husband. My husband must have had an incredibly wonderful father to be such an incredibly wonderful father himself. I know that dad (presumptuously speaking as though he would want me to call him that) must have really adored mom. He had to or else, where would Hubby have learned how to dote on me? I know that dad taught Hubby everything he knew about fixing EVERYTHING. This is one of those things that has to be passed down and I love that dad was patient enough to teach Hubby what he knew. (I am concluding that he had to be patient because of the hyperactive thing again! I watch Hubby teaching and working with Ollie and I can imagine dad working with Hubby.) I know from stories about him, how hard he worked and how he never took responsibility lightly. I know he successfully raised a man and two wonderful ladies. When hubby was 18 and I was just a little girl, RFS passed away from a heart attack. (I use his "name" here out of total respect and no presumption.) I know this had to devastate everyone involved, but I can't possibly imagine how hard it was for mom (can't see through my tears). I only know how I would feel and I would hope I could muster the courage she had to get out of bed and take care of the rest of raising her family. She went to work and (so I've heard) never complained. Still doesn't complain-- this I know! She loves working and is totally respected by her co-workers and employers. She is faithful to Jesus still and never doubted His love for her in this tragedy. I have noticed that in tragedies a person's faith is either shaken or strengthened. I can only guess that hers was strengthened because of who she is today. So for today (everyday) I am so grateful for mom and dad.

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