"If you don't see the real me, you won't see what love has won..." Vota

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving journey day 8

I will pick up with where I left off yesterday.

... at our new church, I found shelter in anonymity. It was a very large church and very uninvolved group of people (at least the ones I was meeting). Anyhow, I was fighting the Holy Spirit here, I was just so burnt out I wanted to be one of those people who blended in. I think God used my selfish desires to prosper His plan (HE always does use everything to perpetuate His plan.) As I sat hiding in the shadows of the huge crowd, I ignored the Holy Spirit telling me to get involved, and my husband complaining about the corporate world of this church (so-to-speak). Finally the nudge of the Holy Spirit struck at least one nerve. I started craving the Word of God. I tried so hard to get into a ladies Bible Study group (everything besides crashing it), but it was always, "not a good time to start, we are in the middle..." is what I heard. So I tried to start my own mom's play date group. Only one lady came-- Sara. Now we were in the same Sunday school class and our oldest kids were the same age and loved one another. This is how we met. We did not get really close until we both realized how we had been ignoring the Holy Spirit telling us to "change churches this is not your home". I cannot comment on what she heard, but when Hubby and I finally obeyed it was from the inside of the great fish. Once again we had ignored (I had ignored) every little thing I was told, all the way down to submitting to your husband. I was comfortable hiding out, but at the same time had developed a craving for Jesus like no other. I really think that it is like when you go off coffee, chocolate, sugar... whatever, eventually you have such a strong craving for it you can't tame it with alternatives!!! Anyway, from inside the belly of the whale I heard a familiar voice and she helped me out! Sara. God put her in my life for a reason, and I liked to think me in hers, but only God knows that. She and her family (I mean all of them, Lala and Papaw too) moved churches.
We all joined the same church (at different times and leadings of the Holy Spirit), have become very involved in classes, Bible Study, ministries, each other’s lives... When I am down she is right their picking me up. She knows what it is like to come from the background I have left behind. She came and got my kids when I couldn't get out of bed with degenerative disc disease. She shares her "mommy" with me. She is a super mom-- talented at everything: sews, cooks, cans, gardens, decorates everthing, owns her own business, runs (yes runs!)... the woman can't sit still (which is more than I can say for myself). She is a dear friend.

Monday she is having back surgery and I get to turn the tables and help her out. I can't wait to see how God blesses her for all she does!!!


  1. hey sis, i was reading the comments from earlier blogs and had to tell you, you should change the name of your blog and tell everyone but anonymous what it is. they are rude and ernie is a better man than i am cause i'd be huntin them down to give'em a beatin. you don't really put any merit into what someone says if there to spineless to tell you who they are anyway do you? love ya-Tim

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  3. Yes he is my over protective little brother. He just employs the hyper masculine talk to get his point across (that he is in my corner.) You just have to know him. I am one to stand firm in turning the other cheek. I was never taught to fight--period. Neither was he. I am not sure, but I don't think in his whole 30 years he has actually ever hurt anyone. I think he is just offended if anyone crosses me no matter the severity. It is a brother/sister thing that we've got. Just take him with a grain of salt and rest assured he is harmless! (Unless your a buck and he's hungy! or has room in his freezer.)

  4. Oh and I will not change my blog. I want everyone to read it even if they disagree. Sometimes I get some really mean comments which I just delete. I will not tolerate mean spirited and foul language. I hope that all will see that being a Christian is not a walk in the park, it is not a life of perfection, it is not what non-Christians think. We are hypocrits (no typo here--none of us live the life Jesus lived-- though we are told to do it, but the Holy Spirit is there to help us. We are not perfect-- this is why we need Jesus so desperately. The closer I get to God's glory the more I see how rotten I am. How could we approach such an awesome God if it weren't for Jesus?


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