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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just a funny short story (disclaimer- don't read if you're squeamish [beware my pregnant friend])

Tonight Hubby was in the kitchen with the dogs (Chihuahuas) and asked them if they wanted a giblet. These are the innards (heart, liver...) left from the turkey I cooked for thanksgiving. I like to use the broth, but there is no way on this planet I will purposefully make giblet gravy as long as there is other food to eat... Anyhow, they are great "snacks" for the dogs. Well Hubby gave Elvis and Kiki both some. We were sitting watching TV when he noticed the dogs were no longer in the room. He thought I had let them out of the house and forgotten, but nope. I called them and he went looking for them in the back of the house. Next thing I know, Elvis came running down the hall, ran smack into the back of the couch, flipped over on his back and was writhing... OK so we were a little worried. As I picked him up, Hubby was exclaiming that what he ate made him sick, until we realized he was choking. I am dumb in a panic and Hubby is brains on wheels in panic so he tips him up and does a somewhat puppy Heimlich maneuver on the dog as Elvis projected a turkey heart across the room. Whew! That was scary for me, Elvis, poor dog was trembling he was so scared. He sat still as a cucumber on Hubby's lap and we just kept talking to him. Finally he got down and I coaxed him my way. I picked him up and sat him on my lap. He was still acting weird. He was struggling to breath, or so I thought as I picked him up to listen and examine him closer... Just then he yakked on me. Yep all of his supper he had eaten prior to the giblet. It was on all of my clothing and all over the carpet. It stunk! I thought I was going to hurl. I was gagging and stripped as fast as I could and ran in the direction of the bathroom. I threw the wet towel from the washer towards Hubby and the carpet cleaner on my way. To say it in the fewest words possible... it was revolting! I still feel the warmth on my leg from the... eeeewwww.


  1. OHHHHHH, that is DISGUSTING!!!! Glad he is ok though!

  2. i laughed and laughed and felt sympathy and was glad it wasn't my dog!


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