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Friday, December 18, 2009

Night shots and just me thinking outloud. No biggie...

This is being called the blizzard of 2009. I am quite amused that we have anywhere from 4 (here) to 8 (about 10 miles away) inches of snow, so far and it is being dubbed a blizzard. I think it is funny because I do believe Hubby's aunt and uncle in Montana have this kind of snow in June. I think that this is more than a joke to our northern neighbors. They look at us, a city who seems to fall apart at the thought of a snow, and I would have to guess they laugh. I do and I live here and experience how we can't get along with this amount of snow. Power is out all over-- not here thank God! People are stranded on the highways and churches are opening up as shelters all for a max of 12 inches of snow. I just wonder what the trick is up north. I am pretty sure that this amount of snow would not close down schools, businesses, interstates...What do I know though? OR What do they know that we are missing out on. How is it they opperate under snow-- well almost. I do not think it is funny that we are experiencing problems (even Hubby was not able to make it home from work, he is sleeping at his bosses house tonight), just that the northern states have this much snow all the time and they seem to handle it. Is it that we are just not used to driving on slick sufaces-- who could get used to that? Is it that our power lines are too weak??? Maybe theirs are under ground?? I don't have any idea. I wonder if they have more man power and equipment in plowing the roads and more salt. I figure it must be like having insurance with a very high deductable because you are a very young, healthy, vibrant individual and would rather save money on precautions by having the higher deductable in case of an emergency. I guess up north that don't have the luxury of playing the, "it hardly ever snows here" card when it comes time to budgeting in snow plowing equipment and jobs. Oh well, this really is not important, I was just sitting here alone thinking "outloud". Enjoy my night shots of our blizzard. Tomorrow we are going to build a snowman and I'll post some pictures. The girls are going to FLIP whan they see this much snow. It will be a first for them both!

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  1. I think that it is funny too to think about how we act over a little snow. You got a lot more than we did, but two weeks ago or so we got snow, it was a very wet snow so it didn't stick but an inch or two however, people down here in LA were freaking out. It was so funny to see. Most of these people have never seen snow...it just makes me smile. Beautiful pictures I wish I was there to have fun with yall.
    Love Rachel


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