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Friday, December 18, 2009

Update on the perchloric acid job!!!

The day after I wrote the blog about how God is working in our lives by giving Hubby that job with Waldheim International Inc. we found out that the job was not going to go on as scheduled this Saturday (tomorrow). Y-12 has informed Mr. Bader that the men doing the job were still needing RAD training and some other training, as well as a physical to make sure they are physically able to do the job. Asbestos, confined spaces, respirator, lead... these are just some of the things the Dr. has to sign off on. Anyhow, it is looking like another full day of training.

Now at first it could have been quite disappointing-- the job is being postponed. This always could lead to thinking the worst and worrying, but I'm here to say that God doesn't lie! God has some reason for this postponement. Maybe it is the more than twofold He promised, and maybe it is because we are getting pummeled by snow just as I write and Hubby is working late due to this (overtime) and will have to go in tomorrow (more overtime) to clear the snow. The weather experts are expecting us to get up to 12 inches. So Hubby would have not made it to the job tomorrow. Only God knew that this snow was coming and that Hubby would be stuck at work clearing snow for shoppers (possibly all night long the roads are very bad!). He also knew how much the overtime is needed and... Well, He knows best doesn't He. I knew He had a reason for postponing the job. As of right now the training is on Jan. 4th and the proposal for the bid is Jan. 9th. At this point Hubby is on vacation from Jan.1-9th. God is so good.

I love being able to look back and see how my prayers are answered and how God fulfills His promises. He has promised me so much and I am looking forward to finding out how He fulfills them. I love that He is always faithful to His Word.

I must say this is the perfect time of year to share with others about His promises. He promised a Savior and He fulfilled that promise over 2000 years ago. We have the whole story from the beginning where He first promises Jesus to the world and all the way through the OT He continues to remind His people of His promise. We can read about the fulfillment of His promises through the birth of Jesus in the NT. Our lives should reflect the same awesome providence as the stories in the Bible. I love to look back at my life and see how God has written me into His-story. I hope you can do the same.

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