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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What about those people in Italy in the mountains? Jingidy jing, heehaw heehaw


Hubby came home hee-hawing (pun completely intended) about this song he heard on John Boy and Billy on the radio. I found it on YouTube and had to share. It is pretty funny. I have been listening to Christmas music on the radio for a while now and I must say this is not one of the songs my radio station plays.

I so love Christmas music. It helps to set the mood for the Christmas season. We have only 2 days now left until Christmas. I am ready. The girls are VERY ready. I think they have become accustomed to getting presents (with both having birthdays close to Christmas... Something I am going to have to work on next year) and they are so excited about opening theirs under the tree on Christmas morning. This morning The Turkey blurted out to Hubby that we got him clothes for Christmas. I didn't even think the child was paying attention in the store much less that she would realize what we were doing and remember what we did several days later. She is a "pretend blond". She is smart in disguise. She is so funny pretending to be an airhead at 3 years old. I didn't even know this was possible. So my fears that she would have to get through life on her good looks are way wrong. (This is just a joke-- I knew she was smarter than that, I just had no proof.) So, Hubby knows his only gift under the tree. Oh well, next year I will remember who not to include in the secret.

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