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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Have you ever had your soul cry out to the Lord with such anguish that you can't breathe? Where tears are so thick they won't even drip? When your heart is so broken that you can't use words to pray and you have to let your spirit groan? This is where I am right now. They just did a story on Haiti on the news, and this precious baby about Sarah's age was there in an orphanage and was crying because they couldn't get an i.v. in her arm. She may or may not live. They tried everyway possible and in every place possible then finally got it in. This precious child did not have a mother there to hold her hand. She had strangers (the news lady) and the relief workers. Oh, God, these are your children. I know... I have no words...

If I had the opportunity to adopt one or more of these babies/ children you'd better believe I'd give up all I have to bring them into our family.


  1. amen and amen. i saw a story about an american couple who were in the final stages of adopting a 4 year old girl. first, they weren't sure if she had survived. relief! their daughter (whom they'd already met) was alive. then they found out the orphans were running out of food and water. they didn't know if she would still be alive when they got there. their reunion was enough to make stones weep! she clung to her daddy like a second skin while both parents cried and poured out reassurance- it's okay, princess. i'm so glad to see you. we'll never leave you again.

    we've donated a little money (we don't have a lot) and i pray every time haiti crosses my mind (often). their whole tragedy is just crushing, but God is great. Only He can bring beauty from their ashes, and we have to know He will!

  2. Yeah we did too, but I just really feel like I could do so much more if I could bring them or at least some of them to me! Those children should never have to live with no parents when there are so many willing to adopt them.


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