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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Debunking Lables

Today, I was in a meeting and we were planning an important and rather big event coming up and one of the ladies (all of whom work hard not only as moms and wives, but in this ministry for girls and women) called herself "stupid" in explanation for why she didn't need any unnecessary responsibilities (like any mom/wife should have to explain that). A week ago, I would have totally seen eye to eye with her and jumped right in the boat with her to let her know she was not alone in the "stupid boat". BUT, today I defended her. I immediatly thought I should tell her the truth, she is not stupid (and I told her so) and for that matter neither am I. BUT I sure to tell myself and others I am. Check this out-- I'd bet my life on this fact-- I could go back in the last few month's sent email folder  (probably the last 2 weeks even-- but not willing to stake my life) and I could pull out dozens of emails where I have explained something about myself away because of my stupidity (I think I often refer to myself in these as a shmuck), my selfishness, my failure as to whatever it involves. Here look and see what I copied and pasted:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Again, I am such a shmuck."
"...although I am forgetful and do not do it religiously..."
"...as always it seems to be so crazy around here. I run around like a headless chicken."
"I lost the paper I wrote it down on... I am so adled all the time."

  Why do I think that people/ women would understand me better if I told them how terrible I am?  Anyway this gets me to todays lesson.

Today Jennifer shows me how to demolish the lables I place on myself-- a way to refuse hurtful lables from myself, or Satan (through myself and others). Actually I should clarify this even more-- Satan is the father of all lies it says so in the Bible, John 8:44. Once again she had me list the 3 top lables I feel stuck with either from myself or originally from someone else.


She then has us physically demolish these and imprison these words on our paper. Then she has us read scriptural truths to cover these lies. As I was debunking my lables I did so with confidence all except the first one. I AM selfish. For some reason this one seems harder for me to let go of. Not that I like it or anything... As these thoughts came to me and the river of them started flowing it led me down the same path to the conclusion-- I am slefish by nature we all are... but the Holy Spirit reminded me of Gal. 3:27. I AM clothed with Christ!!! She gave a list of other scriptures to refute our lables and another stuck out to me, 2 Cor. 3:18. I AM being transformed. This means I am not a prisoner to my selfish, human desires. Just because this is human/my nature, doesn't mean He is not changing or has not changed me.

No matter how attached I am to a lable or how long I have beilieved the lies, God has known the Truth longer and He has penned the Truth for me to go back to anytime I need to in His Word. AND as long as I allow Him to, He will always be able to get the last word! His Word-- nothing is mightier!

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