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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hubby Speaks

Posted by Ernie!

Over the past year I have watched my wife enjoy her blogs at this sight. However, there are a few of you whom I want to speak. I know I will not cover all the negative comments but feel I need to address a few of you.

My wife and I have made the decision to home school our children. I back her 100%. Those of you who say she need to get a job instead of staying at home and doing nothing except teach need a day in her shoes. Besides teaching our children, the house is cleaned, meals are prepared, and she supplements our income by making and selling baked goods, which her cakes take hours to decorate and is not something that can be done before the girls get up. And for those of you who think we should put the kids in Day Care and wife get a job to help the family income out apparently do not realize the cost of day care would take a big part of wife’s income and that would leave us about the same place financially as we are now and having someone else without our same child rearing concepts raising our kids. I would not want to swap places with my wife. The job she does with our kids is wonderful and the times I keep the kids while she does a job, I am wore out. The one of you who said she needs to work for a week and let me take the kids and go on vacation to visit my family apparently has no kids. What kind of a vacation would that be? Plus she is my family and I would not go on vacation without her. We both have asked my family for forgiveness from my family if we have hurt them and have been told we were forgiven so quit bringing up the past. Besides, I just can’t believe someone with the ability to use the internet and to critique and correct someone’s thoughts as they come to them could not understand this concept. It is not that hard of a concept.

Also, those of you that have nothing better to do except spend hours at a time reading no telling how many different blogs and critiquing them as well, maybe you should be the one to get a job and get rid of some of your free time. I am sure there are many writers out there who need good editors since you think you are such a good one. YOU GET A JOB. Or either try spending some time with your kids or hubby instead of trying to solve someone else’s problems as you perceive them. Seek the beam in your eye before trying to remove the speck out of another’s.

Speaking of trying to solve someone else’s problems, why so you call yourselves anonymous? Are you embarrassed by your name or are you a Christian by name only and don’t want others to know how you act when they are not around or just embarrassed for others to know exactly how unintelligent you are? Why do you have to hide behind penname? Apparently you (as in several commenters’ not just one) know or think you know us, so why if what you say is what you believe do you not use your name?

Over the months I have told wife I think she needs to abandon this site since she was getting so many negative comments. Her response to me has been she hopes she can be an influence to those negative people. She does not get angry, or talk bad of these people. She is hurt by some of the comments that belittle her. She feels if she can show Christ to these people by not getting involved in the hurtful speech that goes on. I pray they do see Christ in her. She is one of the most generous people I know by giving all glory to God no matter how big or small the blessing we receive.

I am leaving it up to her whether or not she gives up this blog.


  1. Way to stand up for your wife, Ernie!

    I agree Kristan's great, and you can't do better for your kids than to raise them yourself instead of pawning them off on others.

    I'm posting anonymously because I don't know how not to... ;)

    Jenny (G) Brown

  2. it's okay to post as anon, just sign your name at the end like you did. or be nice (you did that, too). nice anons are great!


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