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Saturday, January 9, 2010

This blog is soon to have a new address.

For all of my real friends find my new blog address on my FB page within the next couple of days! Those of you who pretend to be my friends and those who just hate my guts... get a new hobby. I realize this is going to take some time to fill for the people to whom I am referring are on here so many times a day, sometimes after midnight it is quite ridiculous. It is almost as if you are stalking me. This next paragraph is for you "anonymous" mooners and fake named people.

Ever heard of ACTIVE WHOIS? This is not all of the information I know! Just the beginning of it. I ask you now one serious question. How does it feel to be used by Satan? You have come along onto my blog with your cruel and useless arguments interrupting the whole point of my Blog-- to bring glory to God through my life stories. Instead you are turning it into a courtroom and or debate room. I know how wonderful it feels to be used by God, but I hope I NEVER know what it feels like to be used by Satan. I had hoped that I could be a witness to you in loving you despite your feelings towards me. I still do and do not hold this against you, but I am moving my blog to another address where you will no longer be tempted. I hope that my friends will continue to follow me on my new address. I will post it on my FB page to friends only. So if you are not my FB friend, then find me and if you have a legit name I will add you to my page. To my few friends who do not do FB, I will email you the address. Good by decent people! So long not so decent people!

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