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Friday, January 22, 2010

"It's a woman's perogative to change her mind."

That is a direct quote from the book--the title of today's study. I like it. It is not giving us girls the OK to be wishy washy, however. Instead it is giving us liscense to change what is in our minds. I hope I am not the only one working on changing what is packed away ever-so neatly, way back there (or as in my closet-- piled high and messy all over the floor) in the closet of our minds. I hope you are getting as much out of this as I am. If not, it might help for you to get the book. (She also has another book on the same subject-- Self Talk, Soul Talk.

So today she tackled more untruths needing to be ridded from our closets (is that a word-- if not I claim it!! I'll work on the, um, unabringed version of my own dictionary in a future blog. Not really...) Well, back to the point. She explains what the mind of Christ is like by referring to scripture. His mind is:

Magestic, Meek, Merciful-- Psalm 8:1, 103:8, Matthew 11:29
Innocent- Integrity--Luke 23:4, Titus 2:7
Noble, Near-- Philipians 4:8, Revelation 19:16, Psalm 34:18
Disciplined, Diligent-- 2 Timothy 1:7, 2:15

I have very few of these qualities in my thought closet. And because of my lack in certain areas, I struggle with other things. These struggles then lend themselves to my identity. (See how it is getting deeper and more complicated.) Check this out-- Because I lack discipline, I struggle with disorganization and self-control.Then I identify myself as chaotic and unorganized and stupid. All this because I lack discipline in my thoughts.

I need to transform my mind to look like Christ's. She offers situations where the world tells us one thing and our Christ-like mind should tell us something entirely different. Today's study challenges the things we believe because the world tells us to do so. Things that may not sound too bad... until you check it with what the Bible tells us. These are the things like, repay those who hurt you; you are number one; buy now, pay later and get all you can; and just do it... among other things. She says, and I LOVE this, "Unless we tell ourselves scriptural truths, we will conform to the world through faulty thinking."  This type of faulty thinking is what corrupted the Pharisees. She points out that the Pharisees started off with the intent to know the Truth and follow God, but they became so blinded by corrupt thinking that they did not see the Truth when He came.

How do our twisted thoughts blind us to what Jesus tells us? Does my mind tell me to repay evil for evil like the world tells me? Does my mind tell me to hold grudges and hate in my heart? Does my mind tell me it's all about me? Well, whatever my mind tells me, if it is not "forgive", "forgive again and again" and "I don't own me anymore because God puchased me with the blood of His son", then maybe I am listening to the world and not to Him. I know the things I need to transfrom and through His redeeming power I am going to do it. I like this quote she quotes from a friend of hers, "Everyone needs integration therapy". She then goes on to explain the meaning: integration means putting it all together, i.e. what is on the outside should match up with what is on the inside. The clothes you wear should be integrated with what is in the closet. The opposite of integration is disintegration-- falling apart and becomeing unraveled--  "a disunity between the inside me and the outside me". I am perscribing myself some integration therapy-- too bad it doesn't come with a massage, facial and manicure!

One final quote, "Oh the freedom autheticity brings! To have truth in your thought closet and to clothe yourself in it! Bring it on!"

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