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Saturday, January 23, 2010

You know what happens when you assume don't you...?

Today Jennifer starts working on our assumptions. Those little beliefs we have and trust that are not based on truth, but on instead what we have experienced in general and what our feelings about the idea are. I have gotten my self into trouble so, so, so many times because of an assumption. I jump imediately to a conclusion (completely inacurate) because of my past experiences. I am racking my brain for an example, but I seem to forget times like these... Just trust me when I say I have been told after assuming more times than I can count, the old phrase, "You know what happens when you assume don't you?" So I've made a "you know what" out of "u" and "me" so many times... Well, Jennifer points out these assumptive thoughts are items needing ridded (I looked it up, it is a real word) from our closet. These thoughts affect our relationships. Have you ever had an assumption affect a relationship? How many of us moved in with our newly wedded spouses thinking that everyday would feel and be the same as our wedding day? When I got married I assumed love was something you felt. Now after 9 years of marriage, I have learned love is something you do no matter how you feel. (Luckily, I am married to a man who is awesome and is soooo easy to love no matter the circumstance... another blog topic I suppose..) Anyway, we make assumptions everytime we jump to a conclusion or form an opinion without seeking the truth. This may mean prayerfully considering an issue, reading the Bible, engaging in actual communication, or sometimes I guess it takes just learning the hard way. The biggest thing is we need to learn to start seeking the truth and stop assuming.

Jennifer had me look up the definition of assume and presume. When we assume we suppose something (how many times just in this blog have I supposed something???), adopt something... When we presume we believe it to be true and prove our assumptions to our selves... The Bible directs us away from our "presumptuous sins".  Psalm 19:13 (New American Standard Bible) Also keep back Your servant from presumptuous sins; Let them not rule over me; Then I will be blameless, And I shall be acquitted of great transgression.

When we act presumptuously we are sinning. When I ignore or avoid someone whom I have dubbed a snob  or something worse without ever even meeting them, then I am acting on presumption. I could be missing out on a realtionship God had planned for my life. I am letting my assumptions cloud the truth in my thought closet. I have let all of God's truths about the person be covered over by my faulty thinking.

I am slowly realizing that my thought closet is sick. Can a closet get sick? Well, my actual bedroom closet looks like it threw up so I guess it can! So my thought closet is in need of changing what I put in and getting rid of what I have already put in there. I am going to close with the quote from Jennifer I used yesterday and all over my FB page too... "Unless we tell ourselves scriptural truths, we will conform to the world through faulty thinking," Jennifer Rothschild. I don't want to conform to the world in my thinking; I want to think like Jesus.

How could I be be clothed with Jesus if He is not in my closet?

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