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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time for a makeover: commit and rely!

After a careful examination of my thought closet, which is full of stuff I really don't want in there, I have determined it is in serious need of the makeover God offers. Jennifer points to scripture which explains the human thoughts without God in control and it is not pretty: Psalm 10:4 There is no room for God; Psalm 56:5 It plots harm; Isaiah 59:7 Filled with evil thoughts; Isaiah 65:2 Animated by our own imagination; Romans 1:21 Thoughts are futile, hearts are dark. This is NOT a closet from which I want to pull my wardrobe.

Next she points to the scriptures describing God's thoughts for us: Psalm 40:5 He has plans for us; Psalm 92:5 His thoughts are not shallow; Psalm 139:17 His thoughts are precious to us; Isaiah 55:9 His thoughts are higher than ours; Jerimiah 29:11 His thoughts are full of peace and hope. These kinds of thoughts sure would make my life more motivated, hopeful, peaceful, and purposeful instead of the depressing life of not wanting to get out of bed because, "what is the point, you aren't going to be able to do it today any better than yesterday," and the, "look at all you didn't get done yesterday, you still have to do that today as well as all you did do yesterday." Who am I listening to here? It sure doesn't sound like my God.

There is an activity that Jennifer had me do-- place my name in the blanks of this scripture:

Psalm 139: 1-4 
O LORD, you have searched ____
and you know ____. 
You know when ____sit and when ____ rise;
you perceive ___thoughts from afar.
You discern ____ going out and _____ lying down;
you are familiar with all ___ ways.
Before a word is on ____ tongue
you know it completely, O LORD.

This IS God speaking! Do you have this problem? Who do you find yourself listening to? Try it, fill in your name into the blanks and read it outloud.

Now it is time to begin my makeover. How do I do this? Jennifer starts me with these two verses: Proverbs 16:3 Which tells me to commit my works to the Lord and Hebews 4:12 Rely on God's Word. Two words she says will start the whole process of revamping my thought closet-- commit and rely.

This is what she told me to tell you, "I'm committing my way to God and relying on His Words not mine!"

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