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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whoa am I behind...

Shame on me... I almost started this off calling myself a slacker. I am not truly. I have been busy working on an event for AHG the "Dad Daughter Date Night", preparing for the AHG awards ceremony and a cake for 100 people, life, researching tiles and prices for our remodeling of our rotten (literally) kitchen floor, moving all of my milk glass collection up from storage to put on my new shelves over the top of my cabinets, making friends ( I did not say it was all work and no play!!)...  Well you catch my drift. I have not done my Bible Study. I have not neglected God's Word; however, I have listened to the 1st 5 books of the Bible and am LOVING my new CD. I have learned so many things and details that I would not have caught onto had I just been reading... This really is a neat and inspiring way to cherish God's Word. Now back to the subject of the blog.

Today's Study I did along with yesterdays (well really Tuesday's and Wednesday's) so I am combining the two. They both go together quite well. They are about posting a watchmen of wisdom at the door of your thought closet. She points out that without this wisdon guarding our thoughts our feelings take control. She reminds me of David's lust and how it affected his thoughts and actions, of Sarah's doubt and desire that prompted her to give Hagar to Abraham (I won't even wonder what he was feeling in this gift as he acted upon it...) so she could speed up God's timing for her a son... All these feelings or emotions lent to very unwise behaviors and, well to say the least caused some problems.

Have you ever had your thoughts and behaviors be consumed by emotions or feelings. Lust, anger, hate, unforgiveness, envy, fear, doubt... these all can consume and manipulate our thoughts if we let them. I know from personal experience how the feelings of  "love" can blind you to abuse, control, deceit, conflict... Have you ever wondered why an abused woman stays with an abusive man? She says she loves him-- Just to clarify I AM NOT talking about Ernie!!!! She loves him and sees only the best part of him. She is obviously blinded to the violance, control, neglect or whatever else he may have as a fault.  Her thoughts may be that he will change, or that she deserves it becasue of something she did, or that she can deal with it... These thoughts are not the truth. They are not guarded with wisdom.

Jennifer points to the Bible to show us how to get and keep wisdom at the door. Ask for it --Proverb 2:6 and James 1:5.  Revere God --Proverbs 9:10. Recieve counsel--Proverbs 13:10; 12:15.  By keeping wisdom at the door of our thought closets we can keep our feelings from cotrolling our behavior. She suggests getting or keeping a dear friend (a woman unless it is your husband, brother or father) as a wise guide. I think she means as like an accountability partner or a friend who knows you and you can trust with your feelings and emotions. I am finding I have many of this type person in my life and am blessed by God to have so many. He has just recently given me a new friend (like I said I have been making friends) with whom I can share and trust. I think God has timed all of this in my life just right. Isn't it a God thing that just while I was missing the lesson (delaying really) here where she suggests having a wise guide that I am meeting and getting to know a wise guide instead? I don't think it is coincidence. Anyhow, I am going to end this with a verse she highlighted. Proverbs 7:4  Say to wisdom, "You are my sister," and call understanding your kinsman; Do you have a sister? I do. It is something special. To have wisdom as a sister takes on a whole new thought process.

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  1. that last part about calling wisdom one's sister is really thought-provoking. i have lots of sisters. some of them, if my relationship with wisdom mirrored our sisterhood, i'd be a lot closer to being wise.


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