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Saturday, February 20, 2010

DINKs, grand prizes, people watching, my job AND The Cake Stalker!

Welp friends, it has been a while. I have been so overwhelmed with small things that it seems I have little time to think, and well, my favorite way of thinking is writing my thoughts down-- I can't deny that. I worked a bridal show today in town and will be doing another tomorrow for my dear friend Beverly of Main Street Catering and the ETSY shop linked at the bottom of my blog. I worked alongside her and her daughter and it was pretty great. I so love my job. I often have said it is the only time I feel useful, but that really is not the whole truth. It is a time when I can work and feel a little bit of instant gratification-- a bridal show/wedding/party well executed. Raising children is gratifying, but certainly far from instant.

Today, I got the chance to talk to adults without having children interrupt me. I got to people watch. OK so maybe that sounds weird, but I LOVE PEOPLE! People fascinate me. I am finding myself so enamored by them that I am starting to see only the good. You know what I mean. Sometimes it is easy to nitpick at people and think about all the annoying things about them, but today I found exciting things about most everyone I met and just really enjoyed everyone. I actually met a lady who Sarah is going to be like when she is grown, and it was fun talking to her and telling her about Sarah and how much she reminded me of her.

I got to see a pretty cool grand prize drawing to for a free $7,000 wedding in Jonesborough. Even though the girl I wanted to win did not, a man there to win his fiancé a wedding while she was at work, won. How cool is that ladies? An engaged man already so in love with his bride that he takes whole afternoon of boy time on a BEAUTIFUL day, to go without his bride to be, to a bridal show in order to win her a fabulous wedding! LOVE, I tell you! I do believe he was putting her first (how many men desire to go to a bridal show, much less not having a bride to drag him there). What a way to start off a marriage.

Tomorrow is my favorite show of the year-- and I thought I had missed it and was doing a different one. It is the show at Meadowview Convention Center in Kingsport-- the Premier show. I love this one. Hundreds of excited young-- and I mean young (it makes me feel so old seeing how young these ladies are) ladies planning the event they have been waiting for all of their lives. A day they have been imagining since childhood. Meeting these girls and their mothers (who as a mom now I can somewhat identify with) wandering around trying to make their dreams a reality. It is THE best part of my job. I totally get why Beverly loves it so much-- you get to be a part of these girls’ dreams.

OH!!!! And as a complete side note, totally off subject-- I mean random here-- I am changing the name to my cake business. I will no longer be "My Divine Desserts". NOPE, I am now going to be forever known as The Cake Stalker (THANK YOU BEVERLY). As I was telling my story about how I stalked Ernie with cakes and desserts when I was only a teenager in love, she told me that would make a great name for my business. I got chills I was so thrilled. It could not be more perfect.

So even a little more off subject of bridal shows and people watching, I am going on a late night date with Ernie tonight. The girls are in Pigeon Forge with my folks and we have the whole night together to pretend to be young DINKs. For those of you without children you are probably a DINK. It stands for dual income no kids. You know the time in your life when you can act on complete spontaneity with no repercussions of little ones out of sorts the next day, no prior plans for babysitters and naptimes and diaper bags...Nope we can at the last minute because I forgot to put supper in the crock pot, decide to go out no matter how late it will be. Just pretending to be a DINK makes me feel young again.

I am rambling on and on here. My thoughts are free flowing, my spirits are in a whirlwind of joy (I think two days of sunshine has had this effect) and I feeling like my brain is taking you on a ride here from one subject to another lickety split with no smooth transition (it is my blog so I take some poetic license here). So I hope this ride worth it!

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  1. Oh yeah, I have to figure out how to change the name of my FB page to The Cake Stalker.


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