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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My proposal for a new superior species, join me!

You know what, I have proof-- absolute proof that macro-evolution DOES NOT exist. Micro-evolution does exist and is a completely different thing-- slow and gradual changes within a species. Macro-evolution is where one species eventually becomes an entirely new species or multiple species-- kind of likehow we all came from fish-- well from muck really or in some diagrams from a tree... Anyhow here is my proof:

Any mom or most human adults will tell you how they really often need to be able to be in two places (or more) at a time. I really think that if our species was smart and capable of macro-evolution, then we should be able to duplicate ourselves in certain instances when we need to be able to be divided. Never mind the fact that all moms would have 4 or 5 arms, not just 2, and don't forget we really would have eyes in the back of our heads and go-go Gadget arms to boot. So, for the superior species to humans-- I propose we turn ourselves into five armed, poly-ocular, and occasionally divisible creatures with go-go gadget arms on at least 2 of our 5 arms (micro-evolution would leave room for us to eventually make all of our arms go-go Gadget style if it becomes necessary). Oh yeah, and we could really cover some territory if we could fly! Wings would get in the way so we would need something retractable...maybe another Gadget specialty-- the telescoping helecopter thing that comes out of the top of his head... I am open for suggestions.
I think we should rule out having the capactiy to get fat, get old, get sick, and really, wouldn't it be a time saver if we didn't need to sleep?

Do I get a second to my proposal? How is this macro-evolution thing supposed to get started if not by a proposal and a vote? How did the fish decide to become land dwelling creatures? I guess the muck or fish that are still in existence are the ones who voted "no" on the proposal??? Maybe? So you know, if you vote "no" you will miss out on the new species I am suggesting we turn ourselves into. Join me, maybe it will work. It must have worked for the fish we used to be.

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  1. If you can't tell, I am really in need of the added personna and limbs this week and next. I would love to do "it all", but am accused of spreading myself too thin.


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