"If you don't see the real me, you won't see what love has won..." Vota

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I want simply to quote Jennifer Rothschild.

"...Faith is not meant to offer an escape from life's difficulties; its purpose is to give us strength in the midst of them."

My prayer is that You Lord will give me the strength I need to make it through these difficulties I am facing. I will not try to beg out of them and blame You when You do not take them from me, but instead give You glory for getting me through. I have made it thus far, but need Your divine intervention to get farther. Help me Lord, to learn to deal with this and teach me through it. You are the air I breath, but I feel like I am suffocating. Help me to clear the air and remove all idols blocking You from my sight. Help me Lord to set my priorities and put You first leaving all else to fall into its appropriate place.

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