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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good morning, Cinderella!

OK, so we spent the last three days in the children's hospital with Sarah. She became severely dehydrated and was admitted to receive three days worth of fluids. When her electrolyte count and blood work was checked in the ER, her blood sugar was at 65 and she had already gone into ketosis. She had become "acidic" whatever that means other than that she was super dry. She had lost 10% of her body weight (3 pounds) in three days. That is a huge loss for someone so small. The doctor told me I should have taken her in much earlier. She said, "Not to scare you, but 8-9 more hours and she would have gone into shock and her organs would have started shutting down". NOT TO SCARE ME BUT... How about make me feel like a complete idiot and sorry excuse for a mother for not taking her to the doctor sooner... Oh well...

All is back to peaches and cream now. We are home and the girls are glad to be back. I must say God is good and He provided us with so many great friends who helped us with Olivia and came to visit and called... For 2 days I did not have to even wonder what I was going to do with Olivia. She was passed around from house to house and had a BLAST! She asked me why Sarah couldn't stay in the hospital longer.

The new Niswonger Children's Hospital is amazing. They are so great. We had some of the kindest nurses, assistants and food service workers. They treated Sarah like a princess and she even told them her name was Cinderella and they passed it on to the next shift every shift change and so everyone was calling her Cinderella. She got to go on an Easter egg hunt, they brought her a red bear, a Barbie, stamps and paint and crayons, a huge Easter basket filled with toys and candy, she got balloons and an Easter bunny and the softest white teddy bear with a pink bow. Ernie bought her the new Disney movie, "The Princess and the Frog" and the "Tiana" Polly Pocket doll set. She really was made to feel like a princess. I am shocked she was soooo glad to leave. I thought for sure with the treatment and the undivided attention she would want to stay, but I have never seen someone so excited to have an IV removed. She was on top of the world when we got home. She told me she was ready to go to church and wanted to go tonight (not that there is church tonight).

I must say that Renata, Emily and Lindsey were the best nurses. Sarah loved them and she can't stop talking about them. Thank you Lord for her doctors, the staff and my friends; they are all such a blessing.

I must say that through this entire ordeal God has certainly been with me. You would think this would affect my anxiety, but I have really been at peace through the whole ordeal. I even came home tonight and started my Easter dinner preparations, cleaned house (I have the BEST husband ever-- while I cleaned the living room and kitchen he did laundry. It piled up with having everything puked on for three days and I could not keep up, then I was gone...)

OH yeah, I want to brag on her for a moment-- Sarah was so polite to everyone (me included) saying yes mam, and no thank you and please and thank you to everyone. Even as one nurse was hurting her working with her iv, she sat so still and just cried and cried, but was so patient and still... As we were leaving the staff waved and called to her over the balcony as we got off the elevator. It was so sweet that they had fallen for her charm. You have got to love Sarah. She is a lot like her daddy that way. I don't know a soul who doesn't love him.

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  1. i'm sorry y'all ended up in the hospital, but glad it was such a blessed time. Really pleased Sarah feels better!


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