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Friday, April 16, 2010

Turning into a toad...

OK, so when I get stressed weird things happen to my body. In college I remember my gums bleeding so badly the doc on campus sent me packing quick back to Kingston because she thought my teeth were going to fall out. The dentist just told me it was stress. I have hairloss issues due to stress and most recently I have dishydrotic exema which makes me look like a toad (on my hands and arms) and itch like none other. It is horrible. The dermatologist said I have an over production of hystamine??? It is triggered by any number of allergies and for me I aparently am allergic to stress. He said this is not unheard of. HA! I am allergic to my life. How funny is that? So as we speak I am in the process of transforming myself into a toad. The girls think this is a funny thing for me to say (they just have gotten into the movie "The Princess and the Frog") and they kiss me to turn me back into a princess.

Well here are the pictures of our progross today. Well, Ernie's... I had nothing to do with it today. I mowed the grass. My favorite method of stress release!

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