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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is your outlet?

One of our favorite things to do (me and the girls) is to go to the library. We choose just for fun books, school books (right now the American Girls Series: Kirsten books because we are studying the American fronteer), and recently I figured out the library is not just for the kids... I have started checking out books from my favorite authors. I had forgotten I could utelize this awesome public library as well. I had been used to buying my books and having to read slowly in order to not break the bank by buying so many books. The library has my favorite authors. Right now I am reading Francine Rivers' "Voice in the Wind". I can read it as fast as I want and then go back and exchange it. OK, so I realize you know how a library works, but when was the last time you actually used one for yourself?

This is just what my harried life needed, a little, FREE, stress relief. Besides mowing the grass (which I was going to do today for my neighbors, but the battery is dead on the mower) it is my fovorite outlet. If only I could mow and read at the same time... Yeah I don't think that is a good idea for anyone let alone someone who has a hard time not running over tents and trees and dogs... well not really dogs; I have been accused of it by Ernie once when I scared our dog badly with the mower... that was a long time ago and I won't incriminate myself any farther!

Go to the library and find a favorite author, also go mow your yard! The noise of the mower drowns out all of life's worries. You can't even think about your worries. You can sing praise to the Lord and NO ONE can hear you me drop the tunes out of the bucket. I carry one holey, holy tune carrying bucket. OK, so that was bad. I'm outta here!

BUT first, I'd LOVE to hear your stress relieving outlets. Those of you who run to relieve stress can, well, go run.   :)

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