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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grand Finale!

So, Ernie and Poppy started off the day by grouting the tile. Then they discovered a SLIGHT problem!!! Well, not so slight. The fridge would not fit back into its space. The floor is now a whole inch higher and the fridge barely fit to begin with. Hmmm. They moved the cabinet up and re-hung the doors to be level. Then the fridge fit! :)

Then I unveiled my stainless tiles. These bad boys are Bee-Yoo-Tee-Full! OK, so if you like stainless, which I do. It was so exciting, like Christmas morning as a kid. Then I put my kitchen back together and I think that my toad like hands are clearing up. I am not itching!!! Yeah! I have a new, NOT ROTTEN, kitchen floor.

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