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Friday, May 14, 2010

Grandma and her stunt driving!

I got to re-experience today, with a random stranger at Lowes, a funny episode I had with my Grandma many years ago. I blogged about this experience with Grandma last Thanksgiving you can go read it here if you wish. Here is today’s version:

The girls and I went to Lowes to purchase plants and seeds for Ernie's garden. We had a cart full and got in the shortest line right behind a single woman with a cart full as well. The other line was backed up with a dozen or better people. A little embarrassed about getting so close to the register while others were so far back in the next line (a mere 2 foot away) I got in line anyway and wondered why everyone was choosing not to get in the short line. Well, I figured out why. This poor woman was not only sporting a full cart, but also she had a full basket on the front of the motor cart. The fellow at the desk and she were struggling to get everything out and rung up. I think the poor guy was a little flustered. Well, we were not in a hurry and the girls were enjoying the trip so we waited.

After the lady was finally rung up she had to pay. We had to back up to let her roll herself back to the credit card machine. Then when she was all done the boy at the desk tried to find someone to help her out to her car. He did not find anyone, so I told him not to worry about it. I asked her if she minded waiting until I paid and I would love to help her out. She was thankful and patient with us and our load. Now here comes the part that reminded me of Grandma.

As we exited the store she drove smack in the middle of the road until she came to where on the sidewalk the Lowe's people had been watering and she drove up to the sidewalk and then... She got her cart entangled in the hose. I just stopped. Um a little mortified and more than embarrassed. This poor lady the more she tried the more entangled she got and she was dragging the hose and the shelf the hose was near and tried so hard to get away from it. I left Olivia and Sarah with our buggy and her buggy standing in the middle of the road/parking lot. (Poor Olivia was fighting the wind and the cart was dragging her and she was hollering help.) I was a little baffled at who to help and what to do. I knew Olivia was safe and that she was going to be fine but this lady really needed help. I helped her get unwound and stood on the hose and pulled it the opposite direction as she drove away. She was very relieved when she got away from it. I then left our buggy, and the girls and I walked all the way across the lot to her car and helped her.

Anyhow, this just reminded me of my grandma driving the K-Mart cart. I am glad God uses everyday instances to bring back special memories of people we love. I hope this lady will look back on today and smile at like I am. I am not sure at the time she was as amused as I was. The funny thing is she just drove right into the hose-- exactly like Grandma drove right into the clothes rack and kept going. At least this dear lady was sitting facing the front and not side saddled.

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