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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My day all alone is tomorrow.

I am so darned excited I cannot contain myself. Tomorrow I get, for the first time in 6 years, an entire day all by myself (except for the dogs, but they are easy to ignore). My girls have left for my mom's this morning and Ernie will be at work. I have such great plans to fully clean and organize my house (of course), read my Bible, make some schedules and do some planning, exercise!!!!, and pretend to be one of those people who has it all together for at least a day! I am going to time each chore and see exactly how long it takes to do everything and make a list. This I will use to generate my schedule. I have got to organize my life and give my girls some structure. If I run my household like I ran my classroom at school then I think maybe there would be less questions and concern and stress for the girls in guessing what is next, AND relieve me of the constant questioning and complaining about what is on the docket for the upcoming segment of the day. I have found a web site with tons of sample charts and check lists and schedules... anyhow I am shooting for the stars and with God's help I will become the mother/teacher/wife/you name it it is in my job description-- person He is molding with no more startovers. (You know the story of the potter and the clay in the Bible!)

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  1. Today is the beginning of day two on our schedule and new system. Yesterday went amazingly well. The girls did NOT fight, complain and whine about the day. They seemed in control of their day. They knew what was coming next and what was expected of them. They really welcomed the new system (esp. Olivia). We will see how it goes today.


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