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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ode to my dad and brother and my wish list! :)

My dad and brother have a unique talent to make things out of stainless steel. I'm sure if you have read my blog in the past you will remember that I have called them metal men before and this is why. I am bragging here on their talents. My brother made these rings for me. The big one is a hamburger press and the two smaller ones are poached egg rings. They make poaching eggs fool proof and distraction resistent. Heehee!

My dad has made me many things like two 6x6 inch square cake pans which I could not find in the stores or online. I now need a set of 4x4 inch cake pans (hint, hint!)

He made me two of these large cake lifters and the little one is a spice raker thingy. It also works well for lifting smaller cakes and has many fabulous functions.

This is my favorite. It is a three tiered, stainless tray. I use it for spices, but I also use it for serving desserts, or appetizers or tea sandwiches...

And last, but certainly not least it is also my favorite, (I can have as many favorites it is my blog) my stainless steel back splash for my stove.

Now here is my wish list and a wish from my friend Beverly. I want one or both of these meat hammers/tenderizers/beaters... Whatever they are called.
 The first one is reversable on the bottom and has pokey things on one side for tenderizing and a flat side for pounding it thin.
The second one is a hammer shaped one.

This necklace is one my friends dad made many years ago and she wants one made similar to it in stainless in the shape of a peace symbol.

So there you go, an ode to my dad and brother and my wish list. Of course my wish list for stainless products is never ending, but I do not want to over whelm my dad and brother! :)
Thanks guys!!!

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