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Monday, May 24, 2010

Small groups

Tonight in our small group leadership training we were told that we were not to give all the answers and/or not to give a best or better answer to a question than another group member... At this I truly believe I am so not qualified to co-lead a small group. I have no answers. I am a natural born follower not a leader. I am not trained in the Bible and never even went to a Christian college. I went to a party school and well, did my share of it. I am so unqualified that I can't fathom what God's plans are for me/us in leading this group. I am so glad it is more of a facilitating a small group and absolutely not a teaching position in a small group. I love to share my thoughts, but that is all they are... my own thoughts and take on scripture and God and the Holy Spirit. I have some real life examples on sanctification, and how God loves the least of these (me), but to direct others... I pray daily for His Wisdom, but so far, I just hear Him telling me what to do, not giving me any great brilliance about anything, much less the Bible.

We have one more night of training and then we open our house to a group of about 12 people. I love small groups... They are a great way to get into real relationships with church family members whom I may not get to spend a lot of time with otherwise. This summer our small groups are focusing on the sermons from the previous Sunday and will discuss questions the preacher has written and prepared for us. Sounds pretty cut and dry huh? Well we are in training with older more seasoned Christians all of which have Bible training and ministerial training and even have been ministers or are ministers. They are so out of our league. I will pray ceaselessly that God will shut my thoughts and fill my head with His and close my lips to my own words. I pray that our group members will share their ideas (all of which are more qualified to lead than us).

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  1. it's going to be great! I cant wait!


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