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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Praying for a pearl

I just read something that I thought I'd post and share. It seemed to speak to me straight from the heart of God. Especially after I just interrupted my time with god this morning when I noticed how nasty my windows were in the living room and HAD to stop and clean them, then I noticed how Ernie got strawberry juice all over the kitchen floor and HAD to get a rag and clean it up... I was interested in the Proverbs 31 website and went there and found this article under the heading of Balance (which I need) and the title was The Rich Home by Sharon Glasgow. I read and skipped through it wondering where the insight on balance was that I needed to read and learn so badly. Then I came to the last two paragraphs (I'll quote here and leave the link):

"When people travel to our home it is not the seasonal decor or the cleanliness that will ultimately impress our visitors. It is not the perfectly sculpted yard or the new car in the garage. It's the pearl of spiritual insight that they will be drawn to through the Holy Spirit living through you. They will be full and satisfied when they have departed, and the richness of the visit will live on forever when you impart to them the riches God has placed in your heart.

Your home is where your heart is. Ask God for wisdom. Spend time getting to know Him and you will not only be spiritually rich, but those who enter your home will find treasures that people have traveled the whole earth in search of."

Once again I ask the Lord for His wisdom-- wisdom I can impart to my children and anyone whom God puts in my path for me to share this gift. I ask the Holy Spirit to take charge (kind of like Remy the little rat chef in the movie Ratatouille does to the actual chef), you know pull my hair and turn me in the direction I need to take...

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