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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blackout dates and jubilee

I have officially blacked out the week of July 5th through July 10th. These dates are my own personal blackout dates where nothing can interrupt the peace of our time at HOME!!!! Well two exceptions apply-- work (we do need the money more than I need to say "no") and a cake (for a nice fee because of the money thing again). In this economy one cannot afford to turn down work!

So if you happen to get a "no thanks" for an answer during this week this is why. We are going to spend quality time together-- not quantity of time on the go and having fun with other people. I am looking forward to this week as much as a vacation.

Even though there are no 7's involved-- this will be my week of Jubilee! You know the time where everything is reset, restarted, renewed... Our week to start fresh.

It seems that it hasn't been long since we started fresh on Monday, May 24. That was the most powerful week, I blogged about it here. Ooooh, I just got chills... In calculating the time from Monday, May 24 to Monday, July 5th... It is 7 weeks! Man this is a God thing! And I thought there were no 7's involved. I am even more excited to see what God has planned for us this week.

This week is also marks 7 years from the time we bought our house.

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  1. Enjoy your break!! I think unplugging from time to time makes a huge difference. :) Thanks for the visit today! :)


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