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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I once knew EVERYTHING! what happened?

Tomorrow I pack, for Friday we head to the beach. We have great people watching the house and our dogs are spending the week at the vet-- sadly Kiki is ill and will be better off there I guess, but it will cost a little more money. Anyhow, everything is squared away except for the packing! Yes, I know this is the most important part, but I am a last minute packer. I over think and ultimately over pack if I do it too early.

Anyhow, like you want to read about my packing!?!? I'd worry about you if you did, hee hee. While we are gone everyone will learn what my new job is. I will be able to blog about it when we return. I am stoked let me tell you-- in teenage terms because my job makes me feel smart and I haven't been that since I knew everything (teenage years)! It is a job where I get to use my brain or should I say retrain my once used brain to think again. All AT HOME!!!!... well, for the most part. I am busting at the seems let me tell you! I just can't wait to tell you, which some of you family folk reading this already know because I couldn't wait, but the rest of you dear folk -- one more week.

So, just so I don't spill the M&Ms (way better than beans) I will change the subject. I get to go see my Mamaw Friday. We get to go to church with her too. I love my Mamaw and I do not get to see her nearly enough. She has just turned 81 and is a dear old lady-- democrat, but aren't many of the aging?? I don't hold it against her, I just pray that in 97 days (Kellie thanks for the countdown!) things will turn a notch for the better. 2012 could not come soon enough let me tell you, but I won't because I can't hold my own in a political debate, I just know I do not like what is going on and will not vote for the current admin!! So, this is my opinion, we all have one like we all get gas. Sometimes one person's gas relief/opinion is another person's... Um shut me up. I am on a metaphor roller coaster, I do love them.

Sooo, bid us farewell for 7 days!! I get to see Mamaw! She has been sick so pray she is feeling better when we go. I would hate for our high energy children to ware her out completely. We also get to see my Aunt and Uncle and cousins who are driving in from Virginia. It will be our own family reunion. Our family has not been really good about keeping visits regular like Ernie's, and I can't even blame distance because Ernie has some family who drive and fly from far off every year to come to the yearly reunions.

I'm rambling so I will post and go to bed early. Good night all and pray for our safe travel and Mamaw's health.

Oh yeah, I wanted to share with you this...


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