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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The tripped and the tripper.

Ever been discouraged? Ever been disillusioned? Well, for me it seems that at one moment the Holy Spirit is so powerful He leads me into His way. He is so clear in His directing that it takes no wondering if it is Him or not. He is amazing and such an encourager. Then it seems as soon as you are on board, committed to His plan and completely energized... that is when it happens. All of a sudden Satan shows up. He kinks up God's plans-- or tries. He tempts people-- Christians into being unreliable, deceiving, irrational, or just down right  mean. It makes me want to cry. It seems that Satan's favorite place to be is where God's people gather. I think He likes to mess with God's people. He gets his kicks from disrupting an eager worshiper with feelings of hurt, anger, annoyance, fear... I am tired.

BUT more than just being tired, I am tired of Satan trying to make me feel disabled in my work for God. I am tired of him placing obstacles in my path. I am tired of him causing me to mentally bang my head against a wall. So here is what I choose to do. I choose to change my thought process.INSTEAD of thinking on these things that cause me frustration, I will think on the things that are true, and pure, and lovely... what is that verse? Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.


INSTEAD here is what I will remember and remind myself. God will prevail. His plans are not up to me to fulfill-- They are His plans. He will use me, and no matter what it takes, I will do my part. I will work for Him, and He will see to it that what He desires happens.

INSTEAD of thinking about problems I have, I will remember how proud I was of the kids as I paraded them through the halls from the playground to their classrooms. It was the most unique feeling I have ever felt. As I walked through the halls where people were dismissing from Sunday school classes or waiting for the 2nd worship hour to begin they all oohed and ahhed over the kids. I felt so proud-- I mean like the day I walked my newborn daughters out of the hospital or the first Sunday I brought them to church. These kids are precious to me.

INSTEAD I will remember how many people keep asking me about our kickoff meeting on Oct. 3 for our new programming in the pre-school department. I will remember how excited people are and that God has promised to fill our plate with eager, committed volunteers. I will remember the change He caused in me-- from willing but not at all eager to volunteer (at times I even dreaded my Sunday to teach) to being filled with such a desire that this has become my passion.

INSTEAD I will remember the kids. I will remember how much Jesus loves them and desires them in His presence. I will remember that it is not about me at all, but it is all about Jesus.

INSTEAD I will remember that it doesn't matter what I feel, how frustrated I get... It just doesn't matter. I matter, and God's plans matter. Satan can't change that. He may try to change me, but he can't change God or God's plans. He may be able to affect God's people's behaviors so that they become a stumbling block to another, but he can never change the fact that God loves both people-- the tripped and the tripper.

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