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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big plans.

Remember this post when I mentioned how badly I wanted to adopt a child from Haiti? Whose plans?  Well a few weeks ago Ernie brought it up. He came to me and told me he wanted to adopt the newest baby at the Hope House orphanage or any of the little girls there. It was just as heavy on his heart. In light of my feelings and what I have been praying, all I could do was cry. Now we just can't stop talking about it. Neither of us really even know how or where to begin, but he is planning on going on a mission trip to build with some men from our church pretty soon. I hope with the most inspirational hope that while he is there he will find out something or meet someone who can help us. At this point all we know is we have the desire. We have no money, no connections, no information, but we both have felt God put these children on our hearts. I trust that as this is a God thing that He will continue to move and work things out in His time. I have been waiting a while for Ernie to even say anything; it has been about 7 months since I really started praying and feeling led in this direction. I had even come to the conclusion that it must not be from God for Ernie was not feeling it too, but then... Wow!

We have the best family both biological and spiritual who would welcome an adopted child like their own. I know it for sure. Please pray with Ernie and I and for God's will to be clear to us and everyone involved. I believe He has big plans for our little family and I can't wait to see how they unfold.

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