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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I did it! I complied, but I did not obey.

I did it! As of January 25th, I will no longer have Internet access at my house. I want to share a little of what happened and the steps I took in making this decision. Sadly, it was a decision to just obey or not, and I should have never had steps involved in obeying. I would be furious with my children if when I told them to do something or even kindly suggested they do something (which is often my way of nicely telling them what to do) they had several steps to go through before they actually decided I was right. Yeah, most parents would be, so why not God?

I decided on Sunday that my time was much consumed through the power I have to work, socialize, learn, read, listen, Google... as was $67 per month to pay for this power. So I decided that the best thing would be to save this money and just cancel the service. (What we saved would be the cost of one trip to Haiti.) When I told Ernie my intentions his response was that I would be lost, but that he was fine with it. I decided to do it.

After some, only slightly, but negative responses from friends and family about my decision and how difficult it would be or how I could find Internet cheaper, I decided to check out the options available to me. (Yeah, I would be a little mad if my daughters consulted their friends on the options involved in obeying me.) That evening, I was chatting with a rep from AT&T for over an hour and was ready to and actually placed my order for a new service through them, and new cell service through them as well. I went to bed a nervous wreck thinking about what if Century Link decided to charge me for termination and I had signed a contract with AT&T... I was sick to my stomach thinking about it. How could I afford a typical $350 early termination fee and the price it was going to cost for my new contracted service? All of this and all I wanted to do was to save money and maybe take back some of my home time as simply at home time. Now I would pay more, and still have the whole package with the Net.

On Monday morning, I got a very relieving email that made me feel like I had a second chance. AT&T had to terminate my order for they did not service my area. I called Century Link and told them I wanted to cancel. Of course it is not that easy. They directed me to retention where the lady who at one breath says that the $54.95 plus taxes and fees ($67+) was THE lowest they could go changes her tune at "I want to cancel my service". All of a sudden there is a $29.95 plan and she could even give me a $5 discount on top of that. Jeez... now it is a matter of principal. They lied to me for 3 years!!!!! So I call Verizon to see if they could compete with this deal or the deal from AT&T. I was transferred to offices all over the stinking country and to Frontier and all over the country with them, and finally I hung up on them. This was ridiculous. I just called Century Link back to take them up on their offer, which suddenly was no longer available. $29.95 was as low as they could go, but they would have to add the $5 per month charge for the equipment (modem). "What?" I asked. Yes there is always a $5 fee each month for the modem. Your kidding, I've been paying $5 a month for 3 years for a $100 modem? "Yes mam", he says. I tell him just to forget it and cancel for this was my original intent. "OK, Mrs. Simmons, but we are going to have to approve this with Mr. Simmons". What? Fine so I got his number and told Ernie to call him and tell him. At this point I was finally at peace. My stomach immediately quit churning. I felt so at peace. All of a sudden I was a little excited about it. (By the way, when Ernie terminated our service they told him that the modem was ours now.)

It really is weird how God can make me excited about cutting off my right arm. Now, I look back and compare my obedience-- "obedience" with the obedience I expect from my girls. You know the whole phrase, "You will obey me the first time, all the way, right away!" Is it really obedience when I hem haw around, listen to others for their opinions, take my own approach to do what I know has to be a direction from God? Just for future reference, as my friend said, obedience is when you do it the first time you are told. Not the subsequent times.

I did not act in obedience here. I acted in reluctance. I complied, but I did not obey.

I hope and pray that next time I will not dawdle in my obedience. I hope this is a lesson learned. I do plan on giving up something else real soon. I am waiting for God to show me what is next!

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  1. If I were you, I'd reconsider taking your young children to Haiti as this time because of all the disease as a result of the earthquate and other health factors. Young children are more susciptable to disease factors than adults are. I don't know if Olivia still has her stomach problems or not, but you need to be really careful about taking them to a third world country.


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